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Advantages Of Commercial Large Format Inkjet Printing and Its Restrictions

Large format inkjet printing is a key representative of digital printing. It has been growing rapidly. There are currently two main trends in this area: outdoor inkjet printing and indoor inkjet printing. You can also visit to alliancegraphicsprinting to get more detail about commercial inkjet printing.

inkjet printing

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Benefits :  

  • It is versatile and can be used in many different applications. It can be used for identification purposes in companies as banners, posters, and other fields. 

  • A second option is the flexibility of color combinations. Large format inkjet printing can be done quickly and easily with a variety of colors, including six, seven, or four color options.

  • Third, there are many options for printing stocks. People can print quickly on any type of paper, ceramic, film, wood, regardless of whether they are using paper, film, wooden, or ceramic.

  • Fourth, it is more economical. Powdered carbon has a high price, while ink is relatively inexpensive, which is what determines its pricing advantage.

Why is large format inkjet printing so restricted?

The most common reason is the low supply of inkjet heads. Inkjet heads are the heart of inkjet printers. The print quality is directly affected by the inkjet head. Companies need controllable inkjet printing for large formats to achieve high speeds and large production. This type of printing requires nozzles that can change the shower mode or ink ejective direction at any given time.